Salon/Spa vs Drug Store Products

October 5, 2015

Many people wonder if salon and spa products are better for their hair and skin than the brands commonly sold in drug stores. The best answer is that it depends on the health of your hair and skin. If you look on the shelves of any drug store you will see products boasting many different claims. They have special ingredients, herbs, and conditioners. It can be quite confusing. Is it as simple as saying you get what you pay for?

Many drug store brands claim that they are just as good as the salon and spa brands. The simple truth is that salon and spa products and drug store brands can have the same ingredients. However, the amounts of those ingredients per bottle are what you really need to know. Most salon and spa quality hair and skin care products have much more of the proteins and vitamins that your hair and skin needs to stay healthy. The drug store brands may have these ingredients, but they have them in much lower quantities which make them less effective. Some drug store brands even contain ingredients that are harsh which can actually do more damage than good. If you read the ingredients list on the bottle you will see that they are all listed but the amounts they contain are not included. The main ingredient in most shampoos is water. The ingredients are listed from highest quantity to lowest quantity however you still can’t tell just exactly how much is in that bottle.

It’s not to say all drug store brands are bad or lacking in quality, it just means that you have to be aware of your hair and skin type and what it actually needs. If you have normal skin and overall healthy hair and a drug store brand seems to work fine for you, then as the saying goes, use whatever works. Those with sensitive or acne prone skin, curly, permed, colored, and otherwise overly processed damaged hair may find it beneficial to pay extra for the results. Just from my own experiences, drug store brands are ok for short term use, but salon and spa products will always get my vote as being the better choice for healthy hair and skin.