Seeing Into The Future with Summer 2010 Sunglasses

October 5, 2015

Sunglass trends have slowly been evolving into a thing of the future over the past couple years, and who’s to blame for that is hard to determine.

It may have all started in 2008 with Kanye West’s “Glow In The Dark” tour where he made popular the Shutter Shades. The Shutter Shades which are made of plastic, resemble window blinds, and come in many colors were a look that many people clinged to and many people also shunned for being just plain ridiculous.

Since the Shutter Shades, we’ve seen the sunglass trend go from one extreme to another. In 2009, celebrity eyewear designer and stylist Steven C. Strawder came blazing with summer heat with his “Stevie Boi” collection leaving the urban fashion scene lit up with joy from how HOT and quite unique his designs were.

Celebrities including Rihanna, Lady GaGa, and Beyonce (just to name a few) have all been seen rocking a pair of Stevie Boi sunglasses.

Other well established eyewear designers such as Linda Farrow who is said to be in collaboration with Lady Gaga for her own eyewear collection, and Kerin Rose who has been feeding several celebrities with a variety of different looks from her a-morir line, have surely helped contribue to this fast growing futuristic sunglass trend.

Mercura NYC is another collection that can’t go without notice. Mercura eyewear creates some of the most artistic and extravagant eyewear that one may have ever seen. The following video is just a sample of what Mercura is bringing to the table (think Kelis in her latest video Acapella).

More designs from Mercura NYC

Mercura NYC’s designs are a pretty hard act to follow, but it doesn’t stop there. Just like Steven, Jaesyn Burke is yet another self-proclaimed eyewear designer. He is currently being featured on the HBIC’s official website,Patricia Field for his customized collection of rhinestone and beaded sunglasses.

While we all strive to be different in such a competitive time of economic growth, one must stop and ask themselves, where exactly do we part the line?

Rapper Khia poses in an interesting pair of Mercura shades for her new video “I’ve Been A Bad Girl.”