Self Care For Your Hair

October 5, 2015

It does not matter if a person is tall or short, thin or fat, dark or light skinned, but if he or she has bad hair they will be ridiculed. Therefore, this reveals the amount of importance given for beautiful hair that not only looks good but feels healthy when touched. This can be achieved only by taking care of the hair regularly and watching what one eats and drinks. Since 75% of the population in the world suffers from some form of hair related ailment, there are numerous companies that have come up with hair care products. Some are herbal based, while others are chemical based, but both promise to be very effective and bring about wonders. From hair fall, to dandruff, to baldness these products assure the user of instant cure. If a person faces hair loss problem, it could be related to his diet, stress levels, work overload or it could simply be hereditary. Depending on what the cause is, the product should be used, if required one should consult a dermatologist or hair expert for their suggestions.

100 strokes a day will keep your hair shining is a phrase we have all heard, but in reality if we brush our hair too many times, it could lead to breakage. When dealing with rough hair, if one were to run a brush through it with force, it could break strands. It is also said that one must not use a fine toothed comb while brushing hair when it is wet, this will put it out of its roots increasing hair loss. There are a few hair products like leave on serum available, which help in smoothening hair post a shower and avoiding breakage. Different hair types and lengths require specific care.

If a person wants to look chic and stylish, they opt for coloring of hair, which is done using colors that are chemical based. This could add to the stress factor as hair is being subjected to external products. Also, hair once colored, requires shampoo and other hair products that are meant for such treated hair. Since these products are expensive, there are many who continue using their regular shampoos and conditioner, this will not help the hair, and color will begin fading sooner. Today, when we walk into a supermarket we are faced with a million options, for normal, dry, oily hair and a range of creams and lotions for hair wherein some claim to be natural products but do have a minimum amount of chemicals in them.

Taking care of hair is no big deal, but today it has become a major cause of concern to many. This is because they don’t watch what they eat, or do yoga or practice meditation, all of which will keep them calm, help their body and hair as well. Instead people would rather rely on instant solutions, namely the various hair products available on the counters of all leading malls and supermarkets. Eating plenty of green leafy vegetables, drinking plenty of fluids, including juices is what will keep our human body fit; our hair shining and healthy.

Watch what you eat, more importantly watch what products you use, to ensure that you are not damaging but in fact nourishing your hair and preserving its nutrients.