Sexy -N- Sheer Spring 2008

October 5, 2015

Embrace yourself for a spring and summer full of sexy body revealing sheer apparel. All across the runway fashion designers are showcasing sheer madness and I love it.

I’ll have to admit that I’m not really a big fan of runway shows because most of the clothes that you see on the runways are just that, runway clothes, you’ll rarely ever see people wearing them on the street and that’s really a big dissappointment because alot of the runway clothes are super hot.

After watching several runway videos trying to take note of the trends, the Dsquared Spring 2008 show woke me up and motivated me to keep it moving. Dsquared is the bomb when it comes to style. My kind of style should I say. The way they put on their show proves it. Nothing boring, lots of style, and even they are up on the transparency trend.

Ladies of spring will be draped in yard upon yard of airy organza, sheer tulle, and liquid jersey. In the fashion confections of the season, sheer fabrics are gathered, blown, pleated and draped to create ethereal forms and delicate texture.

How to Wear It Well

While transparent pants, shirts and sheer peek-a-boo cut-outs may be all the range on the runways for Spring 2008, they’re not exactly the most appropriate selection for Wednesday morning’s staff meeting.

You’ve got to exercise a little judgment when incorporating the transparency trend into your wardrobe. For everyday wear, sheer fabrics are best worn in a manner that doesn’t reveal undergarments; transparency blouses should be worn over camisoles or under jackets or vests. And see-through skirts or dresses should be worn over opaque layers: slips, pants, skirts or shorts.

Infuse transparency into eveningwear with sheer fabric panels covering open-back and low-v tops or dresses. Full or fluid skirts made of layers of transparent fabric are perfect for formal attire, and sheer wraps are an easy, low-commitment way to follow the trend.

Although Marc Jacobs show started more than 2 hours late which had quite a few people enraged, which to me was pretty funny, he contributes an incredibly huge collection of sheer for the spring, so for that alone I can’t be mad at him.