Shaunie O'Neal Speaks On What People Want In Reality TV

September 28, 2013

Black Tree Media caught up with Shaunie O'Neal at the movie premiere of Kevin Hart's “Laugh At My Pain” yesterday Sept. 7 in Los Angeles, where she told nothing but the truth about what people complain so much about, yet want so badly; DRAMA.

Speaking on some of the negative backlash from her hit series Basketball Wives Shaunie says:

“As much as we would love for the world to love lovely, friendly, nice t.v., positive t.v., the numbers say otherwise, you know what I mean? People tune into people arguing, and… you know… all that… STUFF that goes on. It's unfortunate, but that's when, you know, the numbers go up, and that's what a network wants…”

Laugh At My Pain hits theaters nationwide, tomorrow, Sept. 9.