Shay Diva Speaks on Sleeping With The Married Man

April 11, 2013

I came across a couple therapeutic dating and relationship sites today, and it was hard to choose which one I wanted to post on because they all were good.

J.J. Smith and The Fellas – Real Talk Radio Show seemed really HAWT (the fellas that is) – definitely something I could get into.  And after getting an eye and an earful of what and who they were – I said UM all the men, although they may be fine, I bet they're all married (sighhhh).  I am so not in the mood.

The saddest part is that J. Hood, who may or may not be married said all he does is bootleg music and movie videos for a living.  He also said he was an under-educated, under-achieving, non-bill paying negra…. and if he was who you were looking for – holla at him.  I thought NOT (lmao).

This brought me to Shay The Dating Diva and her vlog on “Sleeping With A Married Man.”

Part 1 of the series she really just talks about the initial steps of how you meet a married man and how you basically start falling for him – and in the end you find you were only lead into heartbreak.  Part 2 – I'm posting below because she speaks nothing but the truth when she breaks it down how to tell if a man is married.

Maybe I'll go back and check out J.J. Smith and The Fellas when they air on 8/5/2009, because even though the men are married (sighhhhhh) or not? hummmm – I'm sure they have a lot of good advice for all the single ladies that are fed up trying to find a good man.