Should Hair Braiders Be Required To Take Licensed Cosmetology Courses?

October 5, 2015

The topic of whether professional hair braiders should be licensed to do hair has come up many times in the past, and now, one Utah braider is challenging the State's decision to take food off her table.

“It is ridiculous to force people trying to put food on the table to go into debt just to do so,” said Jestina Clayton, who fled her war-torn home country for a better life in America. “I can understand if the state required us to take some health and sanitation courses, but taking cosmetology classes that don't even involve hair braiding doesn't make any sense.”

Clayton has filed a lawsuit against Utah, claiming the state's requirements to obtain a cosmetology license are irrelevant to her job and an unconstitutional infringement on her right to earn a living.

What are your thoughts? Should hair braiders be required to take full cosmetology courses to braid hair, a service that does not require the use of chemicals?

Source: Forbes