Should Parents Have The Right Not To Give Their Kids Pharmaceutical Drugs?

October 5, 2015

The mean sound of a gun shot being fired was allegedly heard at a Detroit residence last month, where Child Protective Services (CPS) called in the police to aid in the removal of a 13-year-old girl from her mother's home. They claim the mother was medically neglecting the child by going against the doctor's orders to drug her with mind-altering psychiatric drugs.

The girl's mother, Maryanne Godboldo, says it all began when she noticed changes in her daughter's behavior after a series of immunizations in 2009. After seeking help, doctor's placed the girl on medication, but the girl began having serious side-effects. It was at that point, the girl's mother went by her own motherly instincts and weaned the girl off the doctor prescribed drugs in favor of holistic methods.

It's unclear how CPS got involved, but according to Detroit police, when officers came to retrieve the child from the home, it turned into a 12-hour stand-off. It all ended with Maryanne Godboldo being arrested, and accused of firing a gun at officers, which something says may not be all true. She was released today (April 15) on a $200,000 personal bond.

Authorities have also since determined, that the drugs prescribed by the doctor was NOT even necessary. Therefore, CPS was clearly out of order for creating a scene that may have caused more damage, to an already troubled child.

To make matters worse, it is being alleged that while in the care of the State, the girl has contracted an STD from being sexually assaulted. Relatives have been doing everything possible to get the child into their custody, but for whatever reason it's not happening.