Should The Smith's Be Worried About Willow's Bracelets?

October 5, 2015

Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith's daughter Willow Smith is growing up to be quite a fashion inspiration to a lot of young girls. She was recently photo'd out and about in the UK while supporting her brother Jaden Smith's new movie “The Karate Kid.”

At first glance the picture appears to be quite innocent and fun, however, you have to question the popularity of the colorful bracelets Willow is wearing, known as “Shag Bands,” and what they really mean.

It was just last year the Shag Bands had one parent outraged. She learned that when a bracelet is snapped by the opposite sex, it could mean a number of things depending on the color. Yellow – hug, Pink – hickey, Orange/purple – kiss, Red – lap dance, Green/blue – oral, Clear – whatever the other person wants, Black – sex, and White – flash.

Although the bracelets might be just a fashion statement for many, you just never really can tell these days what's going on.