Sick Man Punches Blind Woman Saying “The Sick Must Die”

October 5, 2015

While people are talking about Mary J. Blige's step daughter throwing a blow at her ex Charles Hamilton out of frustration (which is pretty humorous by the way), what about the not so humorous?

A blind woman was socked in the face on a Seattle bus and the whole incident was caught on a surveillance camera.

A normal looking man (black man) got on the bus, paid his fare and then out of nowhere he punched the victim dead in the face.

A witness said the man shouted, “The sick must die,” and then let the punches fly.

“This guy was attacking everyone in his sight, threatening everyone in his sight saying, ‘the sick must die. God told me the sick must die.’”

The suspect apparently has a mental disability and was never charged because of his diminished mental capacity. He was sent to Western State Mental Hospital where he remains today.

It's crazy how we have so many crazy people walking around free on the streets committing serious crimes and getting off cold turkey. Crimes that even include raping newborn babies…. Wow…