SkinTight Leggings that Claim to Eliminate Cellulite

October 5, 2015

Palmers, a 92-year-old company based in Wiener Neudorf, spent several months developing and testing the Slim Fit 20 pantyhose. As with other brands of tights that contain skin products such as aloe vera, red algae, or seaweed, the caffeine-laced fabric is activated by body heat. The small drops of liquid, which last for four washes, boost metabolism and burn fat.

“Caffeine rubbed on the skin, like caffeine-laced anticellulite creams, would absolutely work to improve the appearance of cellulite,” says dermatologist and La Jolla Spa medical director Mitchel Goldman, who conducted a study using caffeine-laced anticellulite cream. Of the 34 women in the study, 25 noticed a decrease in thigh circumference., the United Kingdom’s largest online pantyhose store, is the sole distributor of the caffeine tights so far.


Brewing Up Smooth Skin
The easiest way to extract the cellulite busting caffeine at home is just by simply brewing coffee with coffee grounds. After the coffee is brewed, prepare to use the grounds for a massage preferably while the grounds are still fresh and warm. Prepare enough coffee so you have at least a handful of coffee grounds when the coffee is done. Use a larger amount of coffee grounds if you will be working on a few areas with cellulite.

You will use the coffee grounds to massage any cellulite on your body and then you will wrap the area with cellophane. You can add vegetable oil to the grounds to avoid too much friction. You can use this on different problem areas; just make sure that you have enough plastic wrap on hand. It is best to have cut the pieces of plastic wrap before your hands get oily. Have a bathrobe or other clothing that you do not mind getting messy. You will need to put clothing or a robe over the coffee grounds and plastic wrap to keep the area warm. This helps the ingredients to soak into the skin.

Preparing For The Massage
To prepare for the massage, lay newspaper on the bathroom floor. Place the hot coffee grounds in a bowl and pour vegetable oil over it if you are adding oil to the coffee grounds. Use only enough oil to saturate the grounds enough to avoid friction between the coffee grounds and the skin and not so much that the mixture is runny. It is not an exact recipe and you can warm the oil slightly before mixing it with the coffee grounds.

Massage the areas with cellulite, working from the top down. Work each area thoroughly and deeply for a few minutes because the massage helps to bring circulation to the area and tones the skin. When you have finished, wrap the areas with plastic wrap. Keep the mixture and plastic wrap on for thirty minutes. Scrape off the excess and take a shower. Repeat this a few times each week for best results.

As one of the best home remedies for cellulite, it has also been discovered by commercial cosmetic treatment companies as an effective treatment. All it will cost you is a half a cup of coffee grounds. One of the best home remedies for cellulite might already be under your nose.