Sleep Right and Keep Your Hair Looking Tight

October 5, 2015

Ann Denson-Willis Discovers the Solution to Maintaining a Freshly Styled Hairdo While Allowing for a Healthy Nights Sleep – My Hairdo Pillow Banishes Bed Head for Good

American women and men spend millions of dollars getting their hair styled each year, many having it done weekly to maintain a salon perfect hairdo. They look great walking out of the salon, but maintaining that just styled perfection requires nights of uncomfortable, unhealthy sleeping positions and mornings trying to restyle the areas that inevitably get flattened. Mother of two, Ann Denson-Willis had spent enough mornings gorging on coffee and painkillers to make up for the lousy nights sleep and bursitis in her elbow she’d gotten trying to avoid messing up her hair, and took the problem to task.

“I’d had enough. I used to get my hair done every Thursday and if I wanted my fabulous style to last at least the weekend I had to sleep in creative (awkward and always uncomfortable) positions. I’d wake up with aches and pains, rarely got a good night sleep and inevitably ruined my hairstyle within 24 hours of having spent a fortune at the salon. I was desperate to ease my pain and save my mane. I knew sleeping on the crook of my arm worked best to preserve my style, so I started playing around with a rolled up towel and different ways of bending and securing it. With the help of my husband Artemus, daughter NaImah, son Artemus II and a company in New Mexico, I built a soft, fleece covered, flexible foam prototype with an adjustable strap that would eventually become My Hairdo Pillow.”

Designed with the elbow and arm in mind, the unique shape of My Hairdo Pillow mimics the way the natural sleep position, comfortably cradling the face, chin, neck and shoulder. Users are able to maintain their salon hair style, while awaking refreshed and renewed. Time spent correcting “bed head” is minimized and users often require fewer salon maintenance visits because My Hairdo Pillow allows curls to relax in place rather than unravel or dishevel.

My Hairdo Pillow has been evaluated by Birmingham, AL Chiropractor Morgan Wood, who feels that “the therapeutic design of My Hairdo Pillow supports the head and neck for proper sleeping posture.” Additionally, because the ear can fit in the cavity formed by the pillow, hearing aid wearers can sleep comfortably with their devices in place avoiding the feedback or ringing that often keeps them from sleeping safely with their hearing aids on.

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