Snoop Dogg Reps for Fragrance Rebel and Plans To Launch Snoopermarkets

October 5, 2015

Rapper Snoop Dogg may have been high as a kite when he said it, but perched on a throne at gentleman's club Platinum Lace in central London yesterday (May 17), these are the words that came out of his very own mouth:

“I wanna launch a chain of supermarkets. I'm gonna call them Snoopermarkets….I also need to make a TV show that's directed at the hood and gives kids with raw talent but no money the attention they deserve. I'm looking for a TV deal right now.”

Snoop was said to be reaking of smoke and surrounded by 20 strippers as he entered the venue. And, though he admits being a fan of marijuana, he insists he can get things done without the 'erb. “I made three babies without smoking. I use it as a tone-down. It keeps me mellow,” he said. (source)

Speaking of scents, Parfums de Coeur announced the launch of an online fragrance hub at last week. They revealed that they've partnered with Snoop Dogg to help push the new online brand. The company's first 'Don't Be a Sucker' advertising campaign uses a classic Snoop verse “don't waste bank on swanky stank.”

The collaboration seems pretty random, but hey, whatever works.