Social Networking Creates Brand New Income Opportunities

October 5, 2015

Do you have a Facebook, Bebo, Myspace, Twitter account? or your own personal or business website or blog? Do you use text messaging on a regular basis to communicate with friends?

If you've answered yes to any of the above ChatToText just might be for you.

The ChatToText Community is a BRAND NEW social network which allows networkers to send and recieve text messages from virtually anywhere on the Internet while giving you the opportunity to get paid at the same time.

The community enables members to create personal profiles, add affiliate links, blogs, and even sell their business via video advertisement.

The ChatToText community is centered around the new ChatToText web tool which is the world's first application that allows anyone to chat from virtually anywhere on the Internet sending messages straight to their cell phones.

Anyone can easily add the application to a social network page (Facebook, Bebo, MySpace, Twitter), a web site, or through a special direct link that can be given to friends via email or otherwise.


<font size=”2″>Since the launch of ChatToText on February 27, 2009 people have reported making hundreds of dollars in a matter of days. This innovative technology is not only cutting edge, but also invites opportunists to make money off of its MLM business structure. For only $5.99 participants have the potential to make over $7,000 of residual income with almost no effort because of the viral affect of the product with Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and other social networks involved.

Check Out The Video Here for more info.  It's easy to join, simple to use and FUN all at the same time.