Softsheen-Carson Weave and Dandruff Care

October 5, 2015

Soft Sheen-Carson has a portfolio of new products for 2008, with at least one innovative range carving out a new segment within the hair care category.

This year, the ethnic beauty care division of L’Oréal USA is launching Weave Care, a line of products addressing the specific needs of women with weaves and extensions, as well as hot oil treatments, dandruff control, men’s styling and other initiatives. The division is now being led by Angela Guy, who on Thursday was named general manager for Soft Sheen-Carson. She was previously senior vice president of sales, and replaced Candace Matthews, who left the company late last year for personal reasons. Guy joined Soft Sheen-Carson in 2004 as vice president of sales, and was promoted to senior vice president of sales last year. Industry sources expect Soft Sheen-Carson to end this year with $200 million to $250 million in sales.

Kat Peeler, senior vice president of marketing, pointed to Weave Care as the division’s most innovative creation of the year, one that offers products to address the scalp and the weave, as well as natural hair. The retail range includes a foam, a detangler, a heat protecting spritz and a sheen spray. A shampoo and conditioner will be sold in salons, a decision that Peeler said is in line with the professional nature of weaves. The mousse is considered the star product, said hairstylist Johnny Wright, who is also a member of the Soft Sheen-Carson Style Squad, because of its weightless conditioning properties. Each product in the line contains ceramide, panthenol, aloe vera, coconut oil and silicone. Items will sell for $5.99.

In styling, Soft Sheen is expanding on Let’s Jam, an existing heat styling brand. Launching to stores this month is Style Control, which includes a Styling Spritz, Hair Polish, Sculpting Liquid Wax and Mega Hold Protein Gel, formulated with glycerin, vitamins A and B and wheat protein to promote moisturization. Items will sell for $3.99 each.

A dandruff range has been created under the Optimum Care brand, called Dandruff Solutions. The line includes a pre-shampoo exfoliating treatment for the scalp, a shampoo, a conditioner and a flake control serum. Items will sell for $5.49 each.

Also under the Optimum brand is a full Oil Therapy line. The formula contains microbeads of natural essential oils, such as jojoba oil for nourishment, olive oil for moisture, coconut oil for sheen and avocado oil for softness. The line includes an Ultimate Recovery Shampoo, an Ultimate Recovery Conditioner, a Dry Scalp Leave-In Treatment, a Featherlight Hot Oil and a 3-in-1 Crème Oil Moisturizer. Items will sell for $3.99 each.

A men’s styling line has also been created, Sportin’ Style by Sportin’ Waves. The line comprises four products, including an antidandruff shampoo, a conditioning styling gel, a moisturizing scalp cream and a shine intensifier. Items will retail for $4.99 each.

To promote the products to consumers, Soft Sheen will conduct its annual Style Tour by visiting 13 of the top U.S. African-American beauty markets. The tour kicks off in May and runs through August.