Somebody Lying! Photo of Lauren London's Baby is False Call

October 5, 2015

Model/Actress Lauren London posted this adorable picture of her baby boy by rapper Lil Wayne a while ago. The message she left on her personal page at (T.I.'s Official Website) read:

“Can You Believe My Lil Man Will Be One Month On Friday? My Every Second Is Dedicated To Him. =) Loving My Lil Prince. Oct. 8, 2009.”

The fact that this photo has been posted for over 3 months now, and just now circulating throughout the blogs, just goes to show how much we're all paying attention.

UPDATE: 01/13/2010

According to Lauren London herself  **pause** and **pause again** the cute lil baby above does not belong to her, and not only is the picture more than 3 months old, it's allegedly 2 years old.

Once she got word that a photo of her son was circulating relatively fast around the web, Lauren took the time to post to her twitter page, and she had this to say:

So there you have it.  However, I'm not really sure how funny it is that somebody is (hummmm) perpetrating and pretending to be Lauren London to the extreme they're dedicating every second of their life to her child.

Way too many crazy people floating around on the net, and on a side note: the trial for the sick chic who cut a 18 year old girl's baby from her womb is taking place as we speak. (more when you continue)