Soulja Boy to Launch his own Sneaker and Clothing Line

October 5, 2015

Los Angeles, CA (CNS) – Rapper Soulja Boy is venturing into fashion. The young rapper has signed a multi-year sneaker and apparel endorsement contract with Dallas-based clothing company, Yums Shoes.

The 17-year-old “Crank That” singer would be collaborating with graffiti artist and designer Tex to create his apparel line and his own Yums “Block Star” sneakers, which will have emblazoned graffiti art on the soles.

The hip hop artist will be involved in the extensive marketing campaign of the new line. He will launch his collection at the Magic trade show in fall. He will also create webisodes for the line that will be shown on Yums Web page as well as on his official Web site.

He is quoted by Billboard as saying, “The Soulja Boy exclusive shoe will be released in the fall along with my album. The Soulja Boy cartoon will also be released in the fall, so there's three things to look out for.”