Star Spangled Banner Debate: Whitney vs. J Hud

July 19, 2012

Singing for the first time since her tragic lost, Jennifer Hudson performed the Star Spangled Banner at the Super Bowl XLIII.  While many would like to compare her performance with Whitney Houston's performance of the National Anthem during the 1991 Super Bowl XXV, I have to jump in and say that Whitney is still holding the #1 title.  Whitney made the song sound so peaceful and free flowing, it came so natural for her. She hit it high and brought it low making it sound like a Christmas Carol (lol).  She brought it back high and it touched the heart and her voice was so clear.  She gave it tones that just can't be touched.

Now, I have to give it up for Jennifer Hudson too, Jennifer may not have grabbed the #1 title, but she did a BEAUTIFUL job at singing it in her own way.  It was different (in a Sukiyaki kinda way she changed the language).  It's almost safe to say that aside from the words to the song being the same, Jennifer re-wrote the dang thang. Yup she did that, and now owns her very own version of the song.