Study Suggests A New Wonder Drug Will Keep People Forever Young

October 5, 2015

Scientific studies are becoming more and more of a joke these days, and seem to be filled with more false hopes and promises than any useful findings.

The latest study claims that scientists may have discovered the 'fountain of youth' wonder drug, per say. The study suggests that a ‘forever young’ drug in the making will allow people to grow old gracefully, and it could be available in just ten years.

Professor Linda Partridge, an expert in the genetics of aging, said that the science is moving so quickly that it will soon be possible to prevent many of the ills of old age.

By taking a pill a day from middle-age, we will grow old free from illnesses of the body and mind such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease. People could work for longer, or simply make the most of their retirement. Some research even suggests skin and hair will retain its youthful lustre.

As one commenter from the Daily Mail pointed out, “In 1972 we were told that a caries vaccine was in animal testing and would soon be tried out on humans. That was nearly 40 years ago and we are still waiting for a jab against tooth decay…”

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