Study Suggests White Women On Their Periods Are Racist Against Black Men

October 5, 2015

In an interesting study conducted by several MSU psychological researchers, it was suggested that it's all good any other time, but during their highest levels of fertility, women feel more threatened by men, particularly those from differing backgrounds.

During the study, which consisted of 337 women, Professor Carlos Navarrete found that Caucasian women tended to be more biased against black men during stages of their menstrual cycle. He then began to wonder if his findings were extendable across other group contexts.

“Our research attempts to research prejudice from an evolutionary perspective,” he said. “I think it provides some preliminary evidence that women may be equipped with psychological systems to protect their reproductive choice and, as a by-product of this choice, it may produce racial prejudice in part.” The study hasn’t produced sufficient information to offer a solution in gender relations, but Navarrete said a greater understanding of biological dysfunction is valuable.

“We live together in this world and we’re separated into different groups for better or worse,” he said. “Understanding the things that affect (prejudice) is pretty important.”