Sunday Love – “The First Breeze of Summer”

December 11, 2008

I call this Sunday Love because I'm not in New York, so therefore I won't have the pleasure of being able to view this play as much as I would love to.  So, just as I don't always get to church on Sundays at-least I know where my heart is.  “God Is Good”

“The First Breeze of Summer,” a powerful drama written in 1975 by Leslie Lee, is nearly as relevant today as it was three decades ago.

The Signature Theatre Company's revival has assembled an outstanding cast to portray different time periods 50 years apart. Two hot 1970s summer days in the lives of the Edwards clan — three generations of a middle-class African-American family living near Philadelphia — are juxtaposed with recollections from the vivacious youth of the now-elderly family matriarch, “Gremmar” Lucretia.

Smooth staging by director Ruben Santiago-Hudson keeps the action flowing between past and present, with two sets of actors moving seamlessly around the stage. They portray characters separated by a half-century. continue reading