GOT HIPS? Belly Dancing for Women of Color with Sunyatta Amen

October 5, 2015


Dr. Sunyatta Amen is a Naturopathic Physician with a mission to teach the world to live a natural, sexy life through movement and healthy dietary choices. Through the ancient art forms of belly dance and her signature Sexual Tai Chi and Sexual Kung Fu, the charismatic Dr. Sunyatta teaches that movement, both external and internal, are keys to vibrant health. “The minute people start moving they feel energetic, refreshed and renewed,” stated Dr. Sunyatta.


In addition to teaching the sways, shimmies and undulations of belly dance from her MamaSita Movement & Wellness Studio in Washington D.C., Dr. Sunyatta travels the world teaching the many art forms of healing movement. These forms consist of ancient exercises that focus on restoring and revitalizing the body’s core and reproductive system by focusing on internal muscle strengthening.

With the integration of proper dietary guidelines and movement, Dr. Sunyatta has helped thousands of women heal womb issues such as fibroids, cysts, long menstrual cycles, and fertility issues without surgery or drugs. Dr. Sunyatta’s signature classes include Womb Yoga, Sensual Tai Chi, Sexual Kung Fu, Funk Yoga and Belly Dancehall. Dr. Sunyatta also teaches a culinary favorite called Kama Sutra Kitchen.

Her holistic approach to men’s health issues is unparalleled and addresses prostate issues, erectile dysfunction and sexual health with optimal health solutions via Sexual Kung Fu. Dr. Sunyatta is well regarded as an expert on the link between diet, movement and optimal health.In 2002, Dr. Sunyatta founded the Belly Dancers of Color Association (BOCA) a non-profit organization in an effort to celebrate the sister/brotherhood, strength and beauty of people of color in relation to bellydance and other traditional forms of dance.