Survey Breakdown of Which Cities and States Have Better Sex and More Of It

October 5, 2015

Condom companies come up with some of the most interesting surveys. Last year it was determined which cities and states have bigger penis' (see it here), and now they have determined which cities and states have the best sex and the more of it.

According to the results, Los Angeles wins in the most sex category. Trojan's annual “sex census,” indicates that people in Los Angeles are having sex on average, 135 times per year. However, Philadelphia has the highest levels of sexual satisfaction, with 82% of people saying they are sexually fulfilled. Just 75% of Angelenos said the same.

Regionally, the Northeast comes out on top…. people there have sex an average of 130 times per year, compared to folks in the West, where the average is 120, and the South, where the average is just 114.

Northeasterners are also the safest, with 43% saying they use a condom during sex. The average American (18 and over) has sex 120 times a year (2.3 times per week).

Researchers found residents of metropolitan centers like Los Angeles and Houston are having the most sex per year, 135 times and 125 times respectively, while residents of Philadelphia and Dallas have the least, 99 and 104 times each. Despite low levels of sexual frequency, Philadelphians report very high rates of sexual satisfaction (82% satisfied), followed by New York (81% satisfied) and Atlanta (80% satisfied). San Francisco (70 % satisfied), Boston (73% satisfied), Los Angeles (75% satisfied) and Chicago (75 % satisfied) reported the lowest levels of satisfaction.