Survey Says: Thongs Are Out and Granny Panties Are In

October 5, 2015

Recent surveys are showing that more women are tossing out the thong underwear and grabbing for the granny panties boosting sales of big panties up 42 percent in just 3 months, The Daily Mail reports.

Lingerie retailers say the surge in demand for larger styles is primarily due to the patronage of stars who have sparked an “underwear-as- outerwear” trend.

But even more, many women are just plain tired of feeling uncomfortable with having g-strings stuck up their butts.
It wasn’t long ago that granny panties were being attacked, and many men declared granny panties a big fat no-no.

So, with the new survey results ruling thongs out and granny panties in, does this mean men are more accepting of women and their choice to be comfortable, or does this mean that more and more women really just don’t care what men think?

Rigby & Peller, which made the big briefs worn by Renée Zellweger as Bridget Jones, has recorded a 15 percent swing from thongs to larger styles this year.

Online retailer Figleaves says sales of such items are up 28 per cent in the past 12 months. Both outlets are now selling about two pairs of fuller briefs or shorts for every G-string.

Some labels, such as Lepel, stocked in House of Fraser, and Charnos, have even decided to axe thongs altogether from several of their ranges.

Nicky Clayton, creative director of Rigby & Peller, said: “This season big is definitely beautiful. They are sexy as well as comfortable.

“There is now more detailing: lace, ruffles and accessories that accentuate rather than just cover up what can be a lady’s best asset. It’s been championed by the underwear-as-outerwear look.

“Women want glamour as well as comfort now and G-strings are definitely being squeezed out by this trend.”

A spokeswoman for Marks & Spencer, which sells more than a quarter of Britain’s pants and bras, added: “We have seen a big shift away from the skimpier shapes. Gone are the days of the off-white Bridget-Jones-style knickers.”