T-Boz Talks Sickle Cell and Celebrity Apprentice

October 5, 2015

Donald Trump probably knows TLC as the cable network, not the biggest female group of the 1990s. In fact, the host of “Celebrity Apprentice” (season two debuting Sunday on NBC at 9 p.m.) had trouble pronouncing Atlanta’s own Tionne “T Boz” Watkins’ first name. Watkins said he kept saying “T-own” instead of of the proper “T-on.” So after awhile, he just called her “T.”

“Hip hop is probably not part of his world,” she mused in a phone interview Tuesday.

But Watkins said she did not go out of her way to kiss his tuckus. Plus, “I didn’t Omarosa it,” she said, turning one of the most infamous “Apprentice” contestants of yore into a verb. Compared to the likes of Andrew “Dice” Clay and Dennis Rodman, “I made boring TV.”

Rather, she focused on making sure the Sickle Cell Foundation was front and center, not her ego. What makes her charity hit so close to home is she was born with Sickle Cell and has had to cope with the fatigue and a weak immune system all her life.

You won’t see much of T-Boz in the first episode Sunday. She said she had a sinus infection and a 102 degree fever through that first challenge and she hardly said anything. She got annoyed when Dukes in the first challenge called her out in front of Trump for supposedly not working hard enough, then acted all concerned off camera.

TLC hasn’t performed in three years but they are doing a show in Japan, where the group is ultra popular, for some crazy money. (Lisa “Left Eye” Lopes shows up on screen.) “Overseas is where the money’s at,” she said. “I have a kid. I’m not leaving Chase for a penny.” source