Talk and Tea with Michelle Obama’s Stylist

October 5, 2015

Anthony Dickey, stylist to the stars including Michelle Obama recently introduced his own hair care line called “Hair Rules” in Las Vegas. The line is an integrated collection of ultra-hydrating, cleansers, conditioners and styling aids geared towards the special needs of kinky, curly and wavy hair.

Aside from styling the stars and creating his own product line, Dickey is also the author of the book “Hair Rules! The Ultimate Hair Care Guide for Women with Kinky, Curly and Wavy Hair”. His philosophy is that women with curly hair just need to follow a different set of rules to discover the joy of their natural beauty.


“Human beings are more than 99.9 percent alike – any geneticist would tell you that. But in that fraction of a percentage, there exist vast differences in eye color, skin color, hair color, and yes, hair texture. textured hair – hair that is kinky, curly or wavy – is prone to being dry, brittle and frizzy. as a result, it expands and separates, diminishing its natural curl pattern, and making it difficult to tame and style. approximately 60 percent of the world’s population has textured hair, yet an alarming number of people – professionals as well as consumers – lack the knowledge and tools to enhance its natural beauty.”

If you’re wearing your hair natural or considering the transition from relaxed to natural, it seems Hair Rules is worth a try. Be sure to share your reviews.

Dickey will be available for a “Talk and Tea” Event on August 24-25, 2008
He’ll discuss how dry heat impacts textured hair, what causes frizz, tips and how to keep hair moisturized. Learn more about Anthony Dickey in a recent interview with 55 Secret Street