Tanya Young Williams: I'm Tired! Carry Your Own S#!T! Oops, I Mean Bags

October 5, 2015

Inspirational speaker Tanya Young Williams, ex-wife of one-time basketball hotshot Jayson Williams attended the release party for her new self-help workbook, “I'm Tired! Carry Your Own S#!T! Oops, I Mean Bags. A 7 Day Journey to Peace, Passion & Purpose,” on Dec. 19 at Juliet Supper Club in New York.

Tanya Young Williams and Jeffrey Gurian

Others in attendance: Raye 6, and Norwood Young

Publisher of Krave Magazine, Karl Griggs and Marva Hicks

“I'd made compromises, given up my own goals and dreams, forgotten my own gifts or talents, lost the ability to laugh. I carried the baggage of a bad marriage. I had to ease that. Think of my own life and relationships. Can't forever stay stuck. Your husband blazing his own trail doesn't mean you stop your world because he's more important,” said Williams when speaking on her motivation for penning the book.