Teacher Under Investigation for Making Fun of Student on Facebook

October 5, 2015

I never really understood why a lot of teachers, doctors, and lawyers get on social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook for leisure purposes; some during times when the establishments they work “should be open.” Don't they have better things to do, like teach, heal, and represent? I would never trust any of them with me or my kids. For many of them, their existence on these networks, to me, only shows how non-qualified they are to be working in their respected field.

Take one teacher at Overton Elementary School in Chicago for example; she purposely took a photo of one of her seven-year-old pupil's hairstyle, so she could post it on her Facebook page to laugh about it with her friends. I've come across a few teachers who have made inappropriate comments “directly” to students, and it's just not acceptable in either (direct or indirect) form. The question you have to ask is: How is it, as a teacher, could they possibly be leading by example? Instead, so many would be quick to place a bad label on a child who only requires a little attention; attention that involves the “free time” and patience that apparently some of these lazy teachers don't have. What's even worse, they're quick to send kids home for just about anything and everything, including defending themselves (sarcasm), when at such a young age (particularly under peer-pressure), is almost un-resistible, no matter what they're taught at home.