The 10 Skin Care Commandments

October 5, 2015

After vigorously researching a variety of skin care daily routines to maintain healthy skin, the skin commandments are by far my favorite and something everyone should memorize in the effort to always love the skin you’re in and avoid the stress of trying to correct damage done from neglecting yourself. If I ever find the right time to get creative, I would definitely make a nice print of these commandments, place them in a pretty frame and hang the scripture in my bathroom for daily reading.

The 10 Skin Care Commandments

1. Know thy skin
2. Cleanse faithfully
3 . Moisturize religiously
4. Exfoliate to rejuvenate
5. Don’t worship the sun
6. Honor your eyes
7. Keep an even tone
8. Thou Shalt visit thy professional
9. Let a skin care professional shepherd the way
10. Be committed to thyself

The Top 10 Skin Care Sins

1. Skipping daily sun protection.
2. Applying make-up to unwashed face.
3. Over-cleansing or stripping the skin.
4. Using products that don’t suit your skin..
5. Sleeping in make-up.
6. Smoking.
7. Squeezing or picking pimples.
8. Ignoring product instructions.
9. Apply skin lightening products all over the face instead of on darker areas.
10. Using unsanitary tools and sponges or unclean hands to remove make-up.