The Big Chop: Lloyd Donates to Locks of Love; Troy Palomalu Not Ready

October 5, 2015

R&B singer Lloyd made a life changing decision to chop his long treasured locks and donate to a worthy cause. He took to the social networking site, “Twitter” to break the news to his fans.

Lloyd donated his luxurious hair to Locks of Love, a non-profit organization that will use it to create a hair piece for a financially disadvantaged child who suffers from long-term hair loss.

Photo Credit: Vibe

“The fact that my hair will go to someone that needs it more than me, makes me feel great about my decision,” he said.

While Lloyd felt it was time to make a change and do a good deed, it’s unlikely that Pittsburgh Steelers safety, Troy Polamalu will follow suit anytime soon.

On Aug. 30, head & shoulders, a subsidiary of Proctor and Gamble announced that they are taking out a $1 million dollar insurance policy on the Pittsburgh Steelers safety’s trademark hair. According to the release, the head & shoulders spokesperson’s iconic mane will be protected throughout the NFL season by the world’s leading insurance agency, Lloyd’s of London.

This type of insurance policy is said to be a first, and “head & shoulders has gone above and beyond by insuring my Samoan locks for a cool $1 million dollars. This reinforces that my full and thick hair is unstoppable,” said Troy.

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