The Cast of The Game and Why People Are Addicted

May 9, 2012

Rolling Out had the opportunity to speak with the cast of The Game and get some insight on why they think the show is well received by so many people.  In addition to the response that the topics are wide spread and not talked about too often on other shows, I would have to add that the scenery and the luxury lifestyle of celebrities/athletes, along with behind the scene action looking in on their relationship drama are other things that I believe many people are attracted to.  People are just drawn to other people's happy times and even more-so, their troubles.

The Game is one show that I can stand to watch over and over no matter how many re-runs they play, and believe me when I tell you, no disrespect to Desi Arnaz, I loved him as much as he loved Lucy, but I don't like it when all the networks show are his idea of constant replays.