The Colour of Beauty: Blatant Racism in The Fashion Industry

October 5, 2015

“The Colour of Beauty” is a short documentary about racial discrimination in the fashion industry. Director Elizabeth St. Philip follows a young and fiercely talented Black model, Renee Thompson, as she navigates the fashion world determined to be recognized for what she is good at.

When expressing her thoughts on the constant rejection she receives from the industry because of her ethnicity, Thomas had this to say:

“I think sometimes it’s just so blatantly racist it’s disgusting…. No black girls allowed on a lot of the breakdowns for castings…. We’re not looking for black girls…. We want white girls….

It does get very discouraging, It gets to a point where you feel like you’re constantly justifying your worth… You can only take so much beating up every day – and constant rejection – or that fear that when you walk through that casting door you’re going to be reminded (yet again) that you’re a black girl.

Quitting to me seems like you’re giving in to that racist fasad, or that you’re giving in to saying that’s okay that you think that… it’s not okay… it’s not okay that you think that I’m different or lesser than… it’s not. So, I’m going to stay right here, and be a sore in your eye until you recognize what I’m good for.”



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