The Early Show: T-Boz Opens Up About Brain Tumor

October 5, 2015

Earlier this month, T-Boz revealed to People Magazine that she had been living with a secret for the last three years. The divorced single mother of one said she was battling a brain tumor and that she didn’t tell the public at the time because she didn’t want anyone to pity her.

CBS got around to interviewing with T-Boz on The Early Show where she gets more in depth with the situation she was facing. She recalled the moment she met Black, the surgeon who she immediately knew would save her.

T-Boz was informed that in order to remove the tumor, doctors had to tease the tumor away from the nerves, so they wouldn’t do any damage to the facial and hearing nerves. This is to avoid coming out of surgery with any facial weakness or hearing loss or even worse, stroke or coma, which can happen.

“I have a daughter I have to raise and I need to be here for her. You know what I mean? So it was like I want to live and they made that possible,” Watkins said.

Not only was the surgery a success, it made Watkins realize life was a gift to be shared.

“The day I got my speech back, the next day I said, ‘Now I’m going to start an album; I’m going to do a solo album,'” she said. “I was tired of this business. I was over it. But I’m like, ‘OK, God is blessing me to still be able to sing, hear, talk, maybe I’m supposed to do this.”

A strong woman T-Boz is. I can’t imagine going through all what she’s going through or been through with life threatening health issues. She’s blessed indeed, and she tells nothing but the truth when she says that people don’t really care about your problems, all they see are dollar signs!