The Evolution of African American Hair from Spanish to English Translation

October 5, 2015

The image below, written in Spanish, attempts to explain the evolution of African American hair from how it was, to what new inventions and state-of-mind has turned it into today.

Is the creature from the time of the Ca-bellologica Gre-nazoico. Has hair as hard wire.

Desrrizado Erectus:
Belonging to the Planchoceno, millions of years ago. Thanks to the evolutionary process of the iron exact look a hair more free and smooth.

Rolo Habilis:
Begins the Salonzoica stage, when it is concerned more by its beauty. Have found fossils of rolos colors dating from tens of thousands of years.

To avoid returning to the ripple and ill supocomo primitive this species adapt. Development tools such as you and the hairnet accented, avoiding drawbacks with the wild environment.

Palobueno Sapiens-Sapiens:
After so many processes, dyes, irons, hair dryers, and celophanes ilevandera of the product to the lounge, the hair is good to the poor, thus being born a species list for best preserved skeleton impressionar to all primates.

Is this about right? And, do you find it offensive that the breakdown was illustrated in Spanish?