The Four Steps To Collecting and Selling 100% Real Human Hair

October 5, 2015

People always ask the question, where does human hair extensions come from? Many believe it's collected from the tails of horses, but that tale is far from the truth. Through religious rituals and other marketing efforts, human hair extensions is actually harvested in various countries such as the Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Africa, Asia and even the U.S., and comes straight off the heads of other women. Listed below is one of several methods of collecting and selling human hair.


1) Ads are placed seeking the purchase of ladies hair in public places – bus stops, railway stations, underground, front doors, etc.

2) Adhering to strict collection criteria at collection outlets,
only collecting the finest quality, the hair is gathered using special utensils.

3) The hair harvesters then remove the cuticle layer from the hair and it is cleaned and sterilized before distribution.

4) The hair is bundled according to length and sold to third party distributors.

To learn more about the traditions of Hindu pilgrims donating their hair through religious rituals, watch this fourty-five minute documentary here: Hair India