The Huetiful Hair Steamer Preview and Professional Reviews

October 5, 2015

There’s a new beauty product on the market that’s revolutionizing the way we give ourselves hot hair treatments. It’s called the Huetiful Hair Steamer; specifically designed for women of color and the unique needs of curly and wavy hair.

The Huetiful Hair Steamer come with claims of restoring moisture five times better than deep conditioners alone, opening up the cuticles of your hair to allow any conditioner you choose to penetrate better and work more effectively, bathing your hair with warm ozone enriched mist to replenish moisture lost from chemical treatments, and reducing breakage and split ends caused by dry hair.

The President and Founder of BeHuetiful paid a visit to a few Atlanta salons and watched while stylist performed services using the Huetiful Hair Steamer, and listened while both stylist and clients gave on-site reviews. (shout outs to for the video)