The Plot Thickens in Missing Jhessye Shockley Case Mother Charged With Abuse

October 5, 2015

As the search for missing 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley continues, more and more details are pointing towards her mother being responsible for her disappearance.

According to new reports, Jhessye's older siblings were initially told to lie to police about her being missing. The new reports also claim Jhessye's sister has admitted she actually had not seen Jhessye since Sept. 12 despite her reported disappearance on Oct. 11. She told police Jhessye was seen in Hunter’s closet asleep with several bruises and cuts on her face and body prior to her disappearance. Both of Jhessye’s eyes were black and slightly open, and she was “not looking alive and that she looked like a zombie.”

To add to the story, school records indicate Jhessye’s last day at school was Sept. 22, 2011. Police have now charged Hunter with suspected child abuse in her daughter's case and admit they do not believe Jhessye will be found alive.

Despite the new allegations, members from Hunter's church are defending her and have raised funds for her immediate release.

“Glendale is trying to save face before Thanksgiving,” said Reverend Dr. Jeffrey Metcalff.  “She will be exonerated of these charges.”

The reverend spoke outside the jail on Tuesday (Nov. 22), joined by Hunter’s father. They both believe she is innocent.