The Race War Is On: White and Black Teens Committing Hate Crimes

October 5, 2015

So much we hear about black on black senseless crime, and still we search for an end to the violence, without much success. It's come to the point where many of our own race believe we are cowards to allow ourselves to kill each other, but relieve other races of their wrong doing.

Since the release of the brutal video, which shows a group of white teenagers purposely running over and killing a black man just because of his race, several frustrated African American's questioned what the “cowardly” black community would do, not realizing things are already being done.

Just this past Friday (Aug. 5), a group of  30 to 100 young black men descended on the Wisconsin State Fair beating fairgoers and looting carnival games, in what witnesses said were racially-motivated attacks, Milwaukee's WTMJ reports.

Statistics, and case studies have put black people in so many categories, including stress and psychological turmoil, with racism being a definite cause, that it's no surprise to hear of something like this. What is a question, is why anyone (particularly a black man) would question the cause without a “possible” clue.

I'm in no way saying that what these youngsters have done is right by any means, but, what I am saying is — let's keep it all the way 100 and not be the one's to so soon forget the very things we have all at some point complained about; racism, and the categories it has put us in, time and time again.

What should also be a concern, is why black people are always the ignorant ones, the ghetto ones, or the one's who are doing things for no reason other than to be thugs, and so on and so forth, but when white people do the same, there's toned down reasoning for their actions.

A witness named Eric, an Iraq veteran, at this past Friday's flash mob experience at the Wisconsin State Fair, said the attacks reminded him of war:

“I had a black couple on my right side, and these black kids were running in between all the cars, and they were pounding on my doors and trying to open up doors on my car, and they didn't do one thing to this black couple that was in this car next to us.  They just kept walking right past their car.  They were looking in everybody's windshield as they were running by, seeing who was white and who was black. Guarantee it.”

“I saw them grab this white kid who was probably 14 or 15 years old. They just flung him into the road.  They just jumped on him and started beating him. They were kicking him. He was on the ground. A girl picked up a construction sign and pushed it over on top of him. They were just running by and kicking him in the face.”

“My wife pulled me back in because she didn't want me to get hit. Thankfully, there was surprising a lady that was in the car in front of me that jumped out of the car real quick and went over there to try to put her body around the kid so they couldn't see he was laying there and, obviously, defenseless. Her husband, or whoever was in the car, was screaming at her to get back into the car.  She ended up going back into the car. These black kids grabbed this kid off the ground again, and pulled him up over the curb, onto the sidewalk and threw him into the bushes like he was a piece of garbage.”

Another witness, Norb Roberts, corroborated that: “We were just like cattle being herded out of the park, and they were picking and choosing who they wanted to beat on,” he said.

Meanwhile, in London, the riots continue after three long days..