Thoughts of A White B'Woy: Are White Men Scared of Black Women?

October 5, 2015

For eons it's been said that black women intimidate white men and as a result, white men hesitate to approach black women in fear of rejection. This makes for a good topic of discussion, especially since as of late there's been much talk about black women and the need for them to consider going outside their race to find love.

It's also been said that white men (and all men for that matter) have very little interest in black women and tend to ignore them when it comes to choosing a potential date. However, it's a fact that lack of interest is not the case, and for the sake of this post we'll just stick to the topic of it not being the case with all white men.

I happened to stumble across a blog, “Beautiful Black Woman – Thoughts of A White B'Woy” ran by a quote: “white b'woy” who loves black women, and through his blog he expresses his love dearly. In one particular topic, he asks the very question: “Are We Scared?”

“I'm not scared to hook up with a black beauty that's for sure!,” one commenter proclaimed.

For some white men, I personally find the comment to be true as I was once approached by an “extremely gorgeous” white man in the past who had a significant amount of charm and whit. He had me in a state of shock and to a point things were the opposite, where I was the one scared and left wondering what kind of man he really was. But that's a long story that I will probably never tell on this blog.

Of course that's not the story for all white men, there are some who feel that approaching black women is not a good move for various reasons, including fear of what others might think. Therefore, it raises the question as to whether or not the world will ever be ready for more interracial dating despite the proposed number of single black women, and the lack of black men willing to marry them.

What are your thoughts? Do you think white men are scared of black women, and why?

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