Three Obvious Signs To Look For When Dealing With Toxic Love

October 5, 2015

So, you're in a relationship and you're constantly being broken down, and you can't understand why. It seems everything you discuss with your mate, turns to dust and is somehow twisted and used against you. You slowly begin to wonder, is it me? Am I saying the wrong things? Am I doing the wrong things? Nothing you do to try to make things right seems to work. Well, that's a sign of toxic love.

What is toxic love? Simply put, toxic love is when you're in an unhealthy relationship. How do you know when you're dealing with a toxic person? Psychologist, Dr. Brenda Wade, also known as “The Good Love” doctor shares three signs, among many, to look for:

1) When a person focuses on himself, and his needs to the exclusion of the other persons needs. That's toxic. They suck up all the air out of people and in their own reality it's all about them (me, me, me) — just selfish.

2) When a person, who is confronted with the truth, turns it all around and blames you. That's toxic. They try to shame you by calling you too sensitive, or too emotional, etc.

3) When a person leaves you with no opportunity to help resolve an obvious issue in a situation (or relationship), that my dear is toxic. They attempt to make you look like the bad one, and make themselves the good one. They completely deflect the issues. They feel as if they have the right to run over you without taking responsibility for their own actions and mistakes.

The secret to healing yourself from toxic relationships is to love yourself unconditionally. Love yourself enough to know, you deserve better, explains “The Good Love” doctor.

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