Throwing It Back With David Ruffin “My Girl”

March 28, 2009

Yes, my old soul been kicking it all night with Mr. David Ruffin and his good music. After playing “Walk Away From Love” over and over and over (I got that bad), I finally shut it down with “My Girl”

Now I don't care what you all say about how David is hittin' some of his high notes at this live concert (I kinda raised an eyebrow myself), but I just LOVE how he tells his stories and really breaks it down!

As he talks to all the fellas, I can only feel the pain for anybody that has had their hearts broken. And on the same token (from a woman's point of view), I can only imagine how some men “really” feel when they know they've messed up. I'm sure at times they wish they hadn't done that certain someone that showed them so much love so wrong to the point where's there's no coming back.