Tiny Speaks on Staying Down with T.I. While Locked Up

October 5, 2015

Tiny recently sat down with Sister2Sister magazine and briefly talked about her experience waiting on her man T.I. who was doing time in prison for weapons charges.

T.I. is probably one of the few men in prison that had a woman on the outside patiently and faithfully waiting on his return, and in Tiny's case it seems it was more of just a break and a way for her to explore some of the things that she's been wanting to explore for quite some time.

While Tiny would  more than likely argue that it was her love that kept her around, the fact that T.I. really didn't do any hard time (9 months), and his status as a made celebrity had to have an impact on her decision to stay.

The average Joe would be lucky to even have someone to make a phone call home to, especially in this day and time when women can't really afford to be passing up on good man opportunities.

In other news, T.I. sat down with Larry King and had his first real interview since returning home. He spoke on his reasoning behind the need to purchase the guns that landed him in prison, and how he knows it was probably a bad decision legally.