Toya Wright’s Shout Out to Flat Tummy Tea

November 15, 2015

It’s hard to tell these days which products celebrities swear by, and which ones they’re just collecting a check from. With all the false advertising claims floating around, you have to keep your guards up and choose your products wisely. With that being said, reality tv star, Toya Wright is known for working out. But, when she’s on a grind and have little time to hit the gym, she claims to stay energized, and keeps her tummy flat and in tact by sipping on Tummy Tea.

Taking to her Instagram account, Toya had this to say: “It’s gonna be non-stop hustle over the next few weeks so thank god for the @flattummytea detox – it has me feeling energized, light weight and ready to handle biz! If you’re feeling blahhh, go get back on track with the @flattummytea cleanse!”