Traditional Hat Fashion: The Kentucky Derby 2011 Has Officially Begun

October 5, 2015

The Kentucky Derby, often referred to as “The Run for the Roses,” because of the lush blanket of 554 red roses awarded to the Kentucky Derby winner each year, has officially kicked off today (May 7) in Louisville.

The two-week long event, which begins the first week of May each year is one of the USA's oldest Thoroughbred horse races, and for some, one of the most exciting occasions to experience the events traditional hat fashion.

According to Wikipedia, the tradition of wearing hats to the Kentucky Derby dates as far back as the Royal Ascot races in the UK, which began in 1711. Started by Queen Anne, there was a strict dress code for the races, which included women wearing hats. In the United States, patrons of the Kentucky Derby have adopted the hat tradition since 1875.

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