TRAILER: Black Butterfly + NC Officer Charged with Rape

February 16, 2013

Black Butterfly is a feature length film by Chicago film producer Mark Harris

Synopsis: 16 year old Ariel is a girl with a dream. Making the Women’s U.S. Swim Team will change her life. Ariel excitedly begins training when… tragedy strikes. She is brutally raped. Her dreams of swimming, relationships, and life are tossed to and fro as she struggles within the aftermath. Should she tell? Should she hide? Adrenaline and anticipation rise as her coach, family and friends find out about the rape one by one in various ways. Now, what will each do to seek revenge? How will they deal with a rapist who is no stranger to their lives? What draws the line between pain and possibility for Ariel?

Worldwide premiere March, 2010

In real life: NC Police Officer Charged with On-Duty Sex Crimes