Transgender Female Opens Up About Relationships with Celebrities

October 5, 2015

San Francisco Bay Area's, Big Von, of 106.1 KMEL, got Sidney Starr (the alleged first transgender woman of hip hop) on the phone to share her story about how she got her start in the industry. During the interview, Starr admitted to having relationships (both sexual and non-sexual) with several celebrities, and while she didn't mention any names, she did however, state that the rumors circulating about her and rapper “Chingy” are true.

Note, about a year or so ago, Chingy denied rumors of having a relationship with a transgender female and claimed that he didn't know who the girl in question was. But a video posted by Sidney herself proves otherwise, in fact, it shows where he not only knows her, but  was on stage performing with her. (hummmmm) I always wondered about men not really knowing (or knowing and not really caring) who they are having relationships with.

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