Trial Begins in Rape of Fashion Industry Executive by NYPD Officers

October 5, 2015

Damn if you drive home drunk, and damn if you opt to catch a cab, because either way the police is out to get you …. especially if you're a woman?

Opening statements began Monday in the trial of two New York City police officers charged in the rape of a drunk fashion industry executive, who they helped out of a cab and escorted home.

According to reports, one of the officers, an alleged recovering alcoholic who claims to only be trying to help the victim, raped the victim, while the other officer stood watch.

The woman admitted to blacking out pretty bad, but had some recollection of what occurred inside her apartment on the night she alleges she was raped. She remembers being offered a glass of water, being picked up off the floor of her bathroom, and being face down on her bed. She remembers hearing a police radio, her tights being pulled down and waking up naked, aware that she had been raped.

The officers, however, continue to claim their innocence, despite property surveillance camera's, which allegedly show the officers returning to the woman's apartment four times during the course of the night. ????