TRICK: Eliot Spitzer Speaks Publicly for First Time

August 13, 2011

Former Gov. Eliot Spitzer appeared on the Today Show and spoke publicly for the first time since getting caught up in a prostitution scandal last year.  He says the hooker habit that drove him from office was not frequent and “not long in the grand context of my life.”

Spitzer resigned last March 17 after it became public he was “Client 9” in a federal prostitution investigation.

The Today Show interview was the latest step in Spitzer's re-introduction to public life. He has written an online column since late last year and recently did a radio and television interview focused almost exclusively on the AIG troubles.

Spitzer said he feels a double sense of duty: One to his family, who he hurt, and one to speak out on issues with the economy, particularly Wall Street, which he tackled when he was a hard-driving attorney general known as the “Sheriff of Wall Street.”