Trina Believes Size Matters and If You Don't You're A Liar… True?

October 5, 2015

It's no secret that rap star Trina is a fan of Big Old Dicks, she's rapped about it on many tracks. She hit the Breakfast Club Morning Show this morning (Nov. 17) with Angela Yee, Charlamagne the God, and DJ Envy, and she touched on the topic of men penis sizes, and how important it is.

“Honestly, if you’re a man it’s nothing you can do if you’re size is just like small. That’s just what you were born with but size to a woman, it matters. If they tell you it doesn’t, I think they’re telling a lie because you need to have a good size. Something that’s going to bang your back out and make you feel good. Otherwise, you’re going to be looking for something else,” she said.

When asked what a good size was, she responded:  Anywhere between…I like an 11. You need something solid to make you stay and to make you be there. Size is very important.”

Sooooo, what if the guy is perfect in every other way and takes great care of you?
“Yeah, that’s all good! You can buy a lot of red bottoms, breakfast in bed early in the morning like “Can I hit it in the morning?” All that is good but if they size ain’t right it’s like a waste of a situation,” she said.

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that size matters? Also, do you believe that a woman who compares size is equivalent to a man who cheats with other women?

When asked if a man can be in a committed relationship and not cheat, Trina responded: “I believe a man can be in a committed relationship but they’re definitely going to slide out and do some other little stuff. It’s just natural.”

Is it something you can forgive?
I’m not going to say I’m going to watch and know everything that you do. If I find out, of course, I’m pissed because I don’t like cheaters but I just know as a woman and just the reality of it that men are going to do their thing. As long as you don’t know and it’s not in front of you, it’s nothing. You can’t do nothing about it unless you knock on the door and catch them in the act.

Do you do your thing as well?
If I’m in a relationship, no. I like to stay with the one person I’m with. It’s easy because if I’m happy, it’s nothing else to look for outside. If I’m not happy in a situation there’s no such thing as “I’m doing my thing,” I’m just out.