True Stories: Living The Life as A Prostitute and A Drug Addict

December 19, 2015

Most women would never dream of living the life as a prostitute, or could even imagine being a drug addict. But, for some women (and men), the struggle is real. Former Wall Street banker, turned full time blogger/photographer, Chris Arnade, has managed to take a keen interest in digging deep into the mindsets of street walkers to understand some of the root causes of why they do what they do. Like a trick looking to pay for sex, Arnade takes the same approach by offering to pay for a few photos, and a story worth sharing. Catch a few highlights of his hustle below.

Takeesha (shown above) has no hope for the future, or the system. “Someone did something to me last night that I can’t explain. They abused me in a way I have never been. Someone I thought I trusted. Someone my husband knows. Nobody deserves what they did to me…. Police? No way. They won’t believe me. My husband will deal with it.”

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